Wow! Lets build the new Brew House

We are starting the Journey to get a new Brew house installed.

Maybe a little longer to do than the first. Lucky we got them made to fit.

This is installed but not connected.

Good bye old Brew house

We have expanded and now it is time

Good bye to old brew house. I will miss you!

Your new home will be a blast

Moved to Warkworth

In late 2020 we set up Colab Brewing in Warkworth.

This is on the back of our property and watch us transfor the shed to a brewers paradise!

Three Men from Three Brewing Nations

“Colab Brewing was on the fridges of Riverhead and Kumeu. A Collorative Collision of three great Brewing nations: Germany, New Zealand and Britian coming together to create a high quality, great tasting Beer.”